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Motor Cycle Insurance

If you own a motorbike, you’ll need to make sure you have it fully insured all year round – even if you only use it during the summer months.

The reason for this is the Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) regulations which stipulate that it is an offence to keep a motorbike without bike insurance – even if you keep it off the road and in a locked garage – unless you have notified the DVLA that it is being kept off the road via a Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN).

This means you don’t even have to be riding your motorbike to be caught out. And if you fall foul of the regulations by being caught riding around without a relevant bike insurance policy you could face a fixed penalty notice, your vehicle could be clamped, seized and crushed, and you could then face further court prosecution and a fine.

What levels of bike insurance are on offer?

There are three levels of bike insurance cover to choose from: third party only, third party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive.

A higher level of bike insurance cover used to come at a higher price, but this is no longer the case, so it makes sense to shop around to see if you can get a more comprehensive policy at a competitive price. We believe that if you have a more expensive motorbike it may be worth paying a little more for the extra piece of mind that comes with a fully comprehensive bike insurance policy.

What affects the price you pay for bike insurance?

One of the major factors in deciding the cost of motorcycle insurance is the age of the rider, with younger, less experienced riders paying higher bike insurance premiums. Your occupation can also have a bearing on how much you’ll pay, with certain professions paying more than others as they’re considered a higher risk.

Another influential factor is the type of bike you ride, including the make and model – with more powerful or more expensive models normally commanding higher premiums due to their being a higher risk vehicle or more desirable to thieves.

The area in which you live also plays a part with some postcodes having higher premiums than others due to higher traffic volumes or crime rates.

And if you’ve made a claim within the last five years, or you have an unspent motoring conviction, then you could find you’ll be quoted a higher price for bike insurance cover.

If you are a frequent rider, or cover a lot of miles over the course of the year, then this will also bump up the price of your premium as the more time you spend on the road, so the risk of being involved in an accident increases.

As bikes are relatively susceptible to theft, your bike’s security features will also have a bearing on the price of your motorcycle insurance premium. You can often bring the price down by having insurer-approved locks, alarms and immobilisers and by keeping it in a locked garage overnight if possible.

We can also offer quotations for classic bike insurance

Classic motorcycles tend to be less likely to be stolen as they are generally harder to sell on. Additionally, many bike insurance companies assume that the owners of classic vehicles will be more careful with them and hence be less likely to make a claim. This generally results in classic bike insurance premiums being cheaper than those offered for conventional motorbikes.

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