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Newsagents’ Insurance 

Running a shop of any kind can be difficult – as it’s often a case of balancing your customers’ needs and wants while ensuring that they are safe in your premises at all times.  There is great responsibility involved for shop owners, and newsagents perhaps have it the trickiest – as while they may provide news and magazines to customers, they also offer comestibles and well-known brands that people enjoy and will expect to be safe and tasty to eat and drink.  There is also a great deal of the unknown in running a store – what if a power outage puts you out of business for days on end?  How will your shop recover from a theft or a fire that could wipe out much of your stock?  When there are little to no sources of financial respite available, insurance can help – and bespoke newsagents’ insurance built to suit your shop and premises will act as an essential ally against the worst possible scenarios, even those that we dare not think about.

Baslow Insurance Services Limited offer a wide range of shop insurance options to store owners and managers alike by surveying the market using their range of insurance carriers – meaning that we will be able to tailor an insurance policy as close as possible to your shop’s needs and requirements.  Shop insurance coverage should take into account a variety of factors and possibilities, though as no two stores are ever the same, such factors should be made flexible from customer to customer.


Our Newsagents’ Insurance Offerings

Our newsagents’ insurance policies can be built to cover the following:


Running a newsagents can be tricky business – but with flexible and bespoke newsagents’ insurance, you can be assured of a versatile safety net that will spring into action should you ever require it.  For more information on the shop insurance policies we can source at Baslow Insurance Services Limited, call us today on 01629 813897 or email via web form for a free quotation.

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