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Sports club insurance

There’s nothing quite like sport to get your blood pumping and to have fun while getting some great exercise – and this is all the more reason why sports clubs, private and public, continue to draw in so many visitors and members each year. The running of a sports club is far from simple and as with all forms of sport there is a chance of injury, which means that you have a responsibility to provide your visitors with the correct equipment and ample space. If this is in place, then it means that you have the ability to be able to run your business effectively. However, no matter how careful you are, without a form of sports club insurance policy backing you up, you could be leaving yourself open to a range of complaints or unforeseen difficulties.

Even the sportiest of people get injured sometimes – but what if this was as a result of your equipment or as a result of problems on your premises? If held liable for damages, how would you fund potential legal costs? Further to this, what will occur if your club is vandalised or expensive equipment is stolen? It is excellent practice to make sure that you have a reliable financial safety net behind you to ensure that you are ready to be able to afford any unforeseen scenarios that may occur and this is where an effective and comprehensive sports club insurance policy can really come into its own.

Baslow Insurance work with experienced and trusted insurance companies to be able to build a sports club insurance policies to suit the needs of all sizes of club and therefore try to ensure that their needs are tailored to. The benefit of choosing an insurance broker on specific business premises such as a sports club lies in our ability to analyse and help you create a policy that gives you the financial backing and peace of mind to be able to carry out your daily business with confidence. No one running a sports club should be constantly worrying about potential costs and other ramifications – meaning that it really is worthwhile to consider bespoke insurance to protect both yourself and your clients’ interests.

Cover that we can offer as part of sports club insurance policies can include:

If you run a busy sports club and are concerned about the potential for rising costs or the threat of legal liability, insurance for sports clubs is highly recommended – and at Baslow Insurance, we will endeavour to find experienced insurers with whom we can place the business – meaning that you should not be left high and dry at critical or particularly stressful moments. For more information, or to enquire further regarding quotation, call us today on 01629 813897 or please email us with your enquiry via our web form at your convenience.

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