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Café Insurance

Dealing with the public all day is a big responsibility, so you need the right insurance to cover your café for if and when things go wrong. If a customer is injured whilst in your shop, for example, it is possible you could be held liable – and such costs could provide extremely inconvenient, or maybe even impossible for you to find at short notice.

Why Should I Buy Café Insurance?

Café insurance is available should the worst ever occur.  Running a café or small restaurant without adequate financial protection could result in costly financial reparation for you later down the line, meaning that it is considered both safe and responsible to ensure that you are well-covered for any eventuality.  Damage, theft and liability could all cost you and your business dearly long-term, making it extremely important that you arrange to be insured by a firm that knows the ins and outs of what a café should be insured for.

What Does Insurance for a Café Cover?

Café insurance from Baslow Insurance will first of all cover your Stock, Refrigerated Stock, Computers and Money, meaning that should the worst happen, you will be able to claim back for any items lost or damaged beyond your control.  We understand that a café’s stock is its livelihood – as is its Building, Fixtures and Fittings, meaning that you will also find such items covered.

You will also be insured for Employer’s and Public Liability, meaning that our café insurance will provide you with financial protection in the face of legal matters – and we will also financially protect you against Loss of Licence.  We also understand that any loss of business is wanted, and you will therefore also benefit from cover against Business Interruptions and Personal Accidents – meaning that you won’t be required to recover costs yourself should you be left in at the deep end.

If you run or are opening a café and are in need of financial protection against all possibilities, call or email Baslow Insurance today and we will be happy to arrange a flexible and comprehensive quote for you at your convenience.

Why Choose Baslow Insurance

Quick, competitive quotes
We work hard to understand our clients needs
Tailored quotes for each of our clients
We always go that extra mile for each of our clients

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"...they not only saved me money but were also able to reduce my policy excess and give me better cover. I would recommend a call to them"

- Robert Anderson

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- Joel Siddall

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